Thursday, 10 May 2012

Free consultations! Free examinations! Free advice! Free health checks! Free dental exams!

FREE* consultations for all registered animals! *During routine consultation times

To register your pets with Purple Vet we we simply require proof of vaccination and a commitment to maintain their vaccination status. If your pet is not vaccinated (why not?) you are still able to benefit from the FREE consultations, simply by committing to our policy of vaccinations at the time of the consultation.
Purple Vet's, animal welfare lead, 100% vaccination policy applies to Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.

All other small mammals are seen FREE of charge.  *N.B. Drug and treatment costs apply. 

The UK´s only private veterinary practice offering free consultations

Don't keep this to yourself. If you think this is a good idea - tell your friends and neighbours.

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